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Check out some of my (non-by night with spear) collaborative work with Seth Trarbach, Eric Shans of Phenotract, and Mark Ospovot of Emandee Recordings.  In particular the recent remix of Aurora.  Find it on  http://soundcloud.com/and-the-swan



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Magic Mountain

Lyrics to the song Magic Mountain:

won’t you go up the mountain with me….

won’t you go up the mountain
walk heavenwards
mostly north
go up all the way up
till you reach the mountain top

won’t you climb up magic mountain
along its streams
along my dreams

I’ve been moonlight
I’ve been sand
I’ve been all the way up
in your arms
I’ve been dust
I’ve been starlight
I’ve been all the way up
what a sight
way up way up

I’ve been wandering
on endless road
and cloudless sky
way up way up way up

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